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Evins Mill Nursery Main Location
6020 McMinnville Hwy Location
3g Vintage Gold Cypress
3g Limelight Hydrangea
3g Chang Ruby Loropetalum

Evins Mill Nursery

Evins Mill Nursery is located in DeKalb County, Smithville, Tennessee near beautiful Center Hill Lake and close to Warren County, McMinnville, TN. This section of Middle Tennessee is known as the "Nursery Capital" of the world. All plants sold by Evins Mill Nursery have been inspected by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture and are certified to be disease and insect free. At Evins Mill Nursery customer service is extremely important to us and we strive to provide our customers with quality plants at the best price.

We are updating our website. The new version should be ready soon.

Dub's Blog

Thanks for visiting our new website. We are hoping to make it more user friendly than our previous site. We are still in the process of adding pictures and availability, and we appreciate your patience. As always please feel free to call with any questions.

Plants (A-D)

  • Abelia Grandiflora
  • Ajuga Bronze
  • Arborvitae- Emerald Green, Golden Globe, Green Giant, Hetz Midget, Rheingold, Techny, Yellow Ribbon
  • Azalea - Coral Bell, Delaware Valley White, Elsie Lee (Purple), Evensong, Flame Creeper, Girard Crimson, Glory (Pink), Gumpo White, Hershey Red, Hino Crimson, Pleasant White, Rene Michelle
  • Encore Azalea- Amethyst PP # 10567, Embers PP # 10581, Empress PP # 12109, Moonlight PPAF, Rouge PP # 10438, Starlite PP # 15043, Sunset PP # 16248
  • Barberry - Bonanza Gold, Crimson Pygmy, Rosy Glow, Royal Burgundy, William Penn
  • Boxwood-Dwarf English Boxwood, Green Gem, Green Velvet, Wintergreen, Wintergem
  • Burning Bush Euonymous
  • Butterfly Bush- Adonis Blue, Honey Comb, Silver Anniversary
  • Clethra - Hummingbird, Ruby Spice
  • Cotoneaster - Coral Beauty, Hesseii, Lowfast
  • Crape Myrtle - Cedar Lane Red, Dazzle Me Pink, Dynamite, Lipan, Pink Velour, Snow Dazzle, Tonto, Tuscarora (Red & Pink), White Chocolate
  • Cypress - Leyland Cypress, Carolina Sapphire, Lemonthread, Leyland, Sungold
  • Day Lilly, Daylily - Happy Returns, Little Wine Cup, Pardon Me, Red Volunteer, Stella De Ora

Plants (E-K)

  • Elaeagnus - Fruitlandi
  • English Ivy 4"
  • Euonymous - Burning Bush, Manhattan, Golden Euonymous
  • Forsythia - Gold Tide, Lynwood Gold
  • Fothergilla - Blue Shadow
  • Gardenia
  • Grasses - Acornus - Golden, Adagio, Cassian (Fountain) Gracillimus, Hameln, Heavy Metal, Karl Foerster, Morning Light, Moudry (Black Fountain), Northern Sea Oats, Pampass White, Purpurascens Flame, Shenandoah, Zebrinus
  • Groundcover - Ajuga Bronze, Purple Wintercreeper, Vinca Minor
  • Holly - Berry Nice, Blue Princess, Carissa, China Boy, China Girl, Compacta, Dwarf Buford, Dwarf Burfordi, Dwarf Chinese, Foster, Golden Girl, Helleri, Hoogandorn, Green Luster, Inkberry Compacta, Inkberry Nigra, Inkberry Shamrock, Needlepoint, Northern Beauty, Rocky Creek, Sky Pencil, Soft Touch, Winter Berry
  • Hostra - Assorted
  • Hydrangea - Anna Belle, Blushing Bride - PP17169, Endless Summer - PP15298, Lady in Red - PP15175, Lime Light - PP12874, Oakleaf, Nikko Blue
  • Itea - Henry Garnet, Little Henry
  • Jasmine - Carolina Jasmine
  • Juniper - Andorra Compacta, Blue Pacific, Blue Point, Blue Rug, Blue Sargent, Gold Coast, Green Sargent, Grey Owl, Old Gold, Parsoni, Procumbens Nana, Sea Green

Plants (L-Z)

  • Lirope - Big Blue, Variegated, Vinca Minor
  • Loropetalum - Little Rose Dawn, Ruby, Zhuzhou
  • Magnolia - DD Blanchard, Jane, Little Gem
  • Mahonia - Bealii Leatherleaf
  • Mondo - Dwarf Mondo, Standard Mondo
  • Nandina - Domestica, Firepower, Gulf Stream, Harbor Belle - PP14668
  • Ninebark - Diablo
  • Ornamental Grasses - Acornus - Golden, Adagio, Cassian (Fountain) Gracillimus, Hameln, Heavy Metal, Karl Foerster, Morning Light, Moudry (Black Fountain), Northern Sea Oats, Pampass White, Purpurascens Flame, Shenandoah, Zebrinus
  • Pachysandra - Green Sheen
  • Pines - Eastern, White Pine
  • Privet Variegated
  • Pyracantha - Kasan, Yukon Belle
  • Roses - Double Knockout, Knockout Pink - 15070, Knockout Red - PP11836
  • Spirea - Anthony Waterer, Gold Flame, Goldmound, Little Princess, Magic Carpet, Snow Storm
  • Viburnum - Cayuga, Chicago Lustre, Juddi, Leatherleaf, Mariesii, Mohawk, Willowwood
  • Weigela - Wine-N-Roses
  • Wintercreeper - Purpleleaf
  • Yew - Browni, Densiforma, Hicksi